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John Owen  34 . snowdoniaantiques.co.uk ..jpg
John Owen 34 . snowdoniaantiques.co.uk ..jpg
3/4/2018 6:42:14 PM
 John Owen Circa 1765 . snowdoniaantiques.co.uk .

This particular clock dates from a time where his finest work was being produce with five pillar movements and interlocking lifting mechanisms being his trademark this means nothing to none clockmakers but to the layman they are a sign of quality craftsman who's end goal being to produce the finest quality time pieces for his clients  .
John Owen started making clocks at the beginning of the 1740's we have an early 30 hour which dates to 1743 we know this as he has practiced his engraving on the cog wheels inside the works he carried on producing wonderful clocks up until 1776 where his son Watkin to over the business making it an even greater success .
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