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Watkin Owen 34 . snowdoniaantiques.co.uk.jpg
Watkin Owen 34 . snowdoniaantiques.co.uk.jpg
2/17/2018 7:57:01 AM
  Watkn Owen Llanrwst Circa 1780 ( Unseen ) .

Tall , slender and elegant this beautiful 5 pillar Watkin Owen holds so many surprise's even for us .

This beautiful clock by Watkin Owen is a fantastic example of his early work combining his craftsmanship with that of local joiners and engravers to produce such beauty  . 

The works itself being of the 8 day variety which strikes on a single bell and is encased in a stunning Oak case which shows all the hallmarks of the Owen families best case maker .

The Owen family of Llanrwst produced some of the finest provincial clocks to come out of Wales with Watkin Owen in his own rights being one of Wales best clock makers prolific and reliable clocks in a well established clock making town his attention to detail set him apart from other clock makers in the land .

Watkin Owens father John started the business making clocks from as early as 1743 using local materials to create beautiful time pieces which still exist to this day Watkin Taking over the business in 1776 his 30 years of clock making saw great changes in his clocks but he still maintained the same high standard throughout his career .
This beautiful clock is made from local Oak which has stunning warm colour which blends evenly across the case its pediment hood stands proud above the blank frieze leading down to a glazed door which contains early glass the wrinkles in it are beautiful this flanked by stunningly turned pillars above a long door center its profile is quite stunning  flanked by shamphered edges .
The base has early shallow shampher edges like the center with the sweetest shaped profiled slap on panel all this seated on a shaped plinth .

Size :  Height 85.5 inches x Width 20 inches x Depth 10.5 inches .

Price : £4,150 . 
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