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Christopher Gould ..
Christopher Gould ..
3/14/2019 2:25:29 PM
  Early 18th Century Walnut longcase clock by Christopher Gould of London Circa 1700.

Christopher Gould was a well respected clock-maker from London who was producing some of the finest clocks in the city in the late 17th and early 18th century .

His skills and ability allowed him to be admitted into the Clock-makers Company as a free Brother in 1682 at a time where the likes of Joseph Knibb and Thomas Tompion where producing some stunning clocks the title Free Brother held great sway in the City and to become a Free Brothers was seen to be a highly prize achievement .

Fortunatly he was a better clock-maker than a businessman as he was declared bankrupt in 1705 from which date he relied on the clockmakers company for a pension from 1713 to his death in 1718 .
  • Standing at a mere 6ft 4 inchs this demure Walnut long-case clock is beautifully proportioned it is seen as a miniature or bedroom clock Christopher Gould is known for his small clocks , we have it stood next to what would be deemed as a regular size clock in this picture as to show off its height .
  • The works are beautifully crafted and as with all our clock are in full working order the movement strikes hourly on the bell and the beautifully engraved face shows this clock at its very best .
  • Sizes : Height 6 ft 4 inch x Width 15 inch x Dept 9 inch .

Price : On Request .

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