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Regulator .. snowdoniaantiques.co.uk.jpeg
Regulator .. snowdoniaantiques.co.uk.jpeg
11/2/2019 5:25:42 PM
 Early 19th Century Rosewood Regulator Circa 1825 .

Regulator clocks, often referred to as pendulum clocks , were invented in the late 18th century in a quest for greater timekeeping accuracy. They featured a deadbeat escapement (an improvement on the anchor design). To ensure their accuracy, they usually omitted complicated features like calendars.
The Englishmen Benjamin Vulliamy and James Harrison invented two of the earliest regulators between 1760 and 1780. Despite this British lineage, regulator clocks were not especially well received in England, but they were in Vienna, where the form flourished. Indeed, Vienna regulator wall clocks gained such a reputation for accuracy that they were routinely used in public places . During the Empire period (1800-1835) in Vienna, the cases of antique pendulum wall clocks were typically made of wood, which was either polished or gilded. These laterndluhr clocks resembled three boxes, one stacked on top of the other. The upper part of the case housed the movement and was capped by a roof.

This particular example strikes on a single bell not only on the hour but half hour also and is encased in a beautiful Rosewood case .

Size : Height 29 inches x Width 12.5 inches x Depth 7.5 inches .

Price : £950 .
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